The Best Hand Blender for Versatility: The Geepas Formula

The Best Hand Blender for Versatility: The Geepas Formula

What would we do without our time-saving kitchen gadgets? As our lives get busier, we often need a helping hand to speed things up in the kitchen. That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate kitchen appliance for easy, versatile cooking.

A hand blender with five different components allows you to chop, whisk, blend and grind foods with just one handy tool.

This is why the best hand blender does more than it says on the tin!

What is the Geepas Formula?

Why should healthy, home-cooked meals be expensive and laborious to make? The short answer: they shouldn’t.

It’s easier than you might think to create tasty dishes using just a few, ordinary ingredients you can find in your local supermarket. All you need is one convenient kitchen gadget to get things started!

We’ve created a whole range of simple, everyday recipes showcasing four ingredients and one handy gadget. Read on for our showcase recipe using the Geepas hand food blender.

The Geepas Hand Food Blender

Save time in the kitchen with a multi-purpose helper that takes the effort out of cooking. With variable speed control and dishwasher safe parts, this little gadget has a lot to offer considering the affordable price tag.

With Geepas, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck:

The Whisk Attachment

Whisk eggs into a frenzy for perfectly light cakes and bakes, or egg whites for meringues. With 8 different speed settings, you can achieve ideal consistencies for precise baking.

The Chopper Bowl

Chop herbs and vegetables for sauces and salads in no time with this handy function. The simple design and dishwasher friendly parts are easy to clean afterwards.

The Stick Blender

This versatile stick blender can turn into a potato masher or mini chopper depending on what’s on the menu!

The Blending Beaker

This tall beaker means no more splashes and spills when blending. From smoothies to baby food, this tool takes the fuss out of blending.

The Coffee Grinder

Need a boost? Fresh coffee has the fullest flavour. Grind your own with the grinder attachment without the need for extra gadgets cluttering up your kitchen!

A hand blender set with endless culinary possibilities!

Five different attachments not enough? How about 10! The Geepas 10 in 1 food processor is the ultimate in cooking convenience. Slice, shred or blend - whatever you need, it can provide!

The Showcase Recipe: Banana Berry Smoothie

Start the day as you mean to go on with a delicious smoothie packed full of vitamins! A banana is fantastic fuel for the day ahead, while berries are superfoods that can help keep your health in tip top condition.

We’ve kept it simple here to show how easy it is to create a quick and healthy breakfast to have on-the-go, but feel free to get creative with different ingredients and flavour combinations!
Smoothie recipe - Geepas formula
Servings: 1
Price: £1
Time: 5 minutes


1 banana
1 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
1 cup milk


1. Roughly chop the bananas and add to the jug blender attachment of the Geepas hand food blender along with the rest of the fruit and a splash of milk.
2. Starting on a low speed, use the stick blender attachment to blend the ingredients, adding the rest of the milk as you go.
3. Once you’ve achieved a smooth, creamy texture, your smoothie is ready! Simple!

Top tip: There’s no need for vegans to miss out on this recipe. Simply swap the milk for your choice of dairy-free milk alternative. We recommend oat milk for added creaminess!

Caught the cooking bug? We’ve got a whole range of recipes for you to impress your friends and family with! On a health kick? Check out our healthy salad recipes for quick and easy meals packed full of nutrients!

Let’s Get Cooking!

From soups and smoothies to delicious sauces, expand your culinary horizons without spending hours in the kitchen with a product from our affordable kitchen appliance range.

To see how much time and effort it could save you, shop the Geepas hand food blender here and get cooking!

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