The Western International Group owns a few different brands like Geepas, Royalford, Delcasa, Krypton and Parajohn!

Each brand has its own unique product selection

Stating off with Geepas being the largest and most diverse brand with many different products such as blenders, mixers, kettles and most kitchen appliances. There are also more novelty products such as ice cube maker machines, popcorn making machines and much more!

The Royalford brand specialises in homeware and kitchenware - with a large range of high quality crafted kitchen products such as pots and pans, grills and any other products to fulfil all of your kitchen needs. Royalford is one of the most prestigious homeware and cookware brands it just hasn't reached the UK markets, get the super high quality products without the price tag!

Parajohn specialises in travel luggage and storage - with a wide range of products from backpacks, laptop bags to luggage sets. Made out of extremely highly durable materials at the lowest market prices.

There are two more brands which are Krypton and Delcasa which are sub brands from Geepas and Royalford - Krypton is a specialist kitchen appliances such as air fryers and cookers. Delcasa specialises in glassware and tableware!

All products are made out of really high quality materials and are made for extensive usage; meaning you will not have to keep purchasing a kettle every few weeks.