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Hair curlers come in various types, including curling wands, curling irons, hot rollers, and heated rollers. Each type has unique features and advantages.

To prevent damage, use a heat protectant spray before curling, avoid excessive heat settings, and limit the frequency of heat styling. Also, consider ceramic or tourmaline-coated curling tools, which are gentler on the hair.

It's generally not recommended to use hair curlers on wet hair. Most curling tools are designed for dry hair, as using them on wet hair can cause damage and uneven results.

Yes, there are no-heat curling methods, such as using foam or fabric curlers, braiding damp hair, or twisting it into knots. These methods can create curls without exposing the hair to heat.

You can use hair curlers on extensions and wigs, but it is essential to be gentle to avoid damaging synthetic or human hair. Lower heat settings are often recommended for extensions and wigs.