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500W Cotton Candy Maker for Birthdays, Parties and Celebrations Candy Maker Geepas | For you. For life.
Mini Red Retro Carnival Cotton Candy Machine
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Candy maker appliances work by heating sugar to a high temperature and then spinning it rapidly. This causes the sugar to form into long, thin strands that are known as cotton candy.

The heating element heats the sugar to a high temperature. This is the temperature at which the sugar melts and begins to form into long, thin strands.

The spinning head spins the sugar at a speed of about 3,000 revolutions per minute. This causes the sugar to form into even thinner strands, which is what gives cotton candy its fluffy texture.

Candy maker appliances are a fun and easy way to make cotton candy at home. They are also a great way to entertain guests at parties or other events.

1. Unplug the appliance and allow it to cool completely.

2. Wipe down the exterior of the appliance with a damp cloth.

3. Remove the collection bowl and wash it with warm, soapy water.

4. Rinse the collection bowl with clean water and dry it with a towel.

5. Clean the spinning head with a damp cloth.

6. If there is any sugar residue on the spinning head, you can use a toothpick to remove it.

7. Reassemble the appliance and store it in a clean, dry place.

No, you cannot use any type of sugar in a candy maker.
The best type of sugar to use in a candy maker is granulated sugar. Granulated sugar melts evenly and produces fluffy cotton candy. Other types of sugar, such as powdered sugar or brown sugar, will not melt properly and will not produce fluffy cotton candy.

It typically takes about 2-3 minutes to make cotton candy in a candy machine. However, the exact time may vary depending on the appliance and the amount of sugar you are using.