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4-in-1 Mini Air Cooler and Humidifier With LED Light
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20L Air Cooler Portable Air Conditioner with 3 Speed Setting


Air coolers use a simple process to provide the best cooling solution. Air coolers evaporate the water that is inside of the air cooler, once the air is evaporated it comes out colder through the vents of the air cooler.

The most important factor of caring for and maintaining an air cooler is keeping it clean. The air cooler should be cleaned often, cleaning the water tank, the vents and other components is very important to maintain the durability and performance of the air cooler.

Air coolers can be used anywhere in your house or the office. You can use air coolers in living rooms, bedrooms, patios, offices and many other places. A very important factor of effectiveness for the air coolers is having a constant flow of fresh air to come into the room.

Air coolers use much less energy than other forms of air conditioning. The air cooler will not set you back anymore than several fans that you would be using in your house/office. In most cases air coolers will cost you sell than traditional fans and cooling methods as they are more effective.

Air coolers are noisy, it does not matter which make/model you get. Air coolers are bigger appliances and are not recommended to be used that you may sleep in.