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Multi Food Processor: 10 in 1


What makes this food chopper a perfect fit for your home?

500W engine power
10 different settings
2 speeds
Pulse function
2L capacity
Stainless steel blade
Easy to clean
High quality
Plastic lid
2-year warranty
Multiple attachments, e.g. a dough blade
Powerful motor
Dishwasher safe

We’re confident this product has everything you’re looking for in one. It has the edge over a hand held blender as it can stand alone. Simply load your ingredients in and you’re good to go!

Slice, shred or blend… The chopping blades can do it all - and much more on top of that.

Simply change the nozzle or bowl and apply the attachment you need. This saves you from having to buy and store multiple different items. Everything you need is in one handy, compact appliance.

From a light lunch to a hearty dinner with the whole family, this multi food processor is well-equipped to deal with almost anything.