The Top Juice Extractor for Nutrition: The Geepas Formula

The Top Juice Extractor for Nutrition: The Geepas Formula

Clean eating is all the range, with wellness goddesses proclaiming the miraculous health benefits of hemp, chia seeds and other foods you’ve never heard of. But does healthy eating have to be so complicated?

We don’t think so.

Getting your recommended allocation of fruit and veg each day is made a whole lot easier with a juice extractor to speed things up.

The Geepas top juice extractor has a powerful motor for efficient juicing, is easy to clean and easy to assemble. Perfect for getting your greens without spending all day chomping on celery!


This is the Geepas Formula

Becoming a healthier you is sometimes easier said than done. To make getting all that goodness into your system easier, we’ve come up with a handy formula to make healthy eating easy and convenient.

We’ve developed a range of simple, healthy recipes showcasing just four, everyday ingredients and one hardworking kitchen gadget to get things done.

Save time, money and space in your kitchen with a few key kitchen appliances and our range of tasty recipes.


The Benefits of Juicing

Not only is it an easy way of getting your five-a-day, juicing comes with many benefits to your health and wellbeing;

It’s Easier on the Digestion

As the food is already processed, your body has less work to do!

It Can Protect Against Colds and Illness

Packing in essential vitamins wards of nasty colds by boosting your immune system.

It’s More Efficient

Consuming a wide variety of fruit and vegetables can be time consuming. Drinking juice is much faster and can even be taken on the go!

It Detoxes the Body

Fruits and veg are full of powerful antioxidants that can help rid the body of toxins. Adding ginger and lemon can help kick start this process.

It’s Ideal for Glowing Skin

Healthy insides result in healthy outsides! Extra vitamins and minerals are great for your complexion. Try avocado for glowing skin and glossy hair.

It Can Boost Energy Levels

With less time wasted on digesting your food, you may find you have more energy for other things!

It Can Aid Weight Loss

Replacing your morning breakfast with a healthy juice could help you lose weight. Just make sure you ask your doctor before making any drastic changes.


The Best Juice Extractor for Maximum Nutrients

The Geepas Juice Extractor extracts juice from everything from citrus fruits to carrots with ease. The wide chute allows for more efficient juicing, while the stainless steel filter catches pips and seeds.

Get maximum juice yield in minimal time and take the hassle out of healthy eating!

Here’s a closer look at the features that make this juicer special;

Two Speed Settings

Dual speed means you can have your juice, your way. From smooth and pulp-free to chunky and satisfying, it’s up to you.

Low Noise

This discrete kitchen appliance doesn’t make a racket so you can get on with other tasks in peace while it does its stuff.

Large Juice Capacity

The joys of batch cooking! The large capacity of this juicer allows you to make large batches to save for a later date when time is running short.

Intelligent Safety Features

Non-slip feet and overheat-protection ensures that this product is safe to use and suitable for families with young children.


The Showcase Recipe: Green Super Juice

It can be hard to fit all the vitamins and nutrients we need into our busy working days. Juicing is an easy way to get your five-a-day, without compromising on flavour. From leafy greens to soft fruits, whatever goes in comes out deliciously refreshing!

This green super juice is packed full of antioxidants and detoxing ingredients, perfect for a post-workout boost.

Servings: 1
Price per smoothie: £1.50
Calories: 150
Prep time: 10 minutes


½ cup kale
1 cup spinach
½ medium-sized cucumber, peeled
2 celery stalks
½ an apple
½ a lemon (deseeded)
½ a lime (deseeded)
1 small handful ice

1. Wash, peel and trim the ingredients
2. Select your speed setting on the Geepas juice extractor. We recommend starting slow and gradually increasing the speed to achieve the desired consistency.
3. Feed the ingredients through the feeder chute and let the juicer do the hard work for you!
4. Collect the juice from the outlet into the jug and enjoy.

Top Tip: Not much time in the mornings? No problem! Simply make your juice the evening before and pop the jug into the fridge. Or make larger batches and freeze for a later date.

Eager to discover more ways to pack in nutrients? The Geepas vegetable spiralizer is the way forward. Whip up a healthy salad in seconds with this multi-purpose tool.


Get Juicing with Geepas!

Ready to get juicing? Investing in a quality juice extractor could be the first step in discovering a healthier you.

From revitalising carrot and ginger juice to calming apple and cucumber, there is a juice combination for everyone!

Shop the Geepas juice extractor here to get started on your healthy living journey.

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