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Food Dehydrator Snacks & Meals You Will Fall In Love With!

Food Dehydrator Snacks & Meals You Will Fall In Love With!

A food dehydrator is one of the best kitchen appliances/gadgets you can possibly own - the snack possibilities are infinite!
If you have never tried dried apple slices or dried banana slice you are seriously missing out. We will be going through some of the best food dehydrator snacks and meals you can make, what's best about this article is that these can be done by anyone and everyone. Super simple and cheap healthy snacks to make.

Dried Apple Slices:

this image shows some dried apple slices in a bowl surrounded with cinnamon sticks and whole apples
Dried apple slices are not only delicious but one of the greatest snacks to make - if you are struggling with kids that do not enjoy fruit or are looking for an extremely healthy snack whilst watching a movie at home this is perfect for you.
The beauty of dried apple slices is that they can be done to your preference - with cinnamon, honey and so much more!
Simply grab a few apples and chop them into quite thin slices. Place the apple slices into your food dehydrator trays - set the temperature of the food dehydrator to around 50C-60C and leave for about 12 hours. Can be left over through the night or whilst you go about your day.
Once the apple slices have reached a desired texture and crispiness take them out and serve with your favourite toppings. The best part of this recipe? the dried apple slices can be stored for 6 months in a jar!

Dried Banana Slices:

This image shows off some dried banana slices in a wooden bowl
The greatest one ingredient snack in the world! dried banana slices are on par with dried apple slices - some of you reading might prefer a banana over an apple or vice versa. We got you all covered.
Similarly to the dried apple slices, the dried banana apple slices can be served with different toppings, such as syrup or honey for more flavour!
Bananas are much cheaper compared to most other fruit and are a great sweetener. Making this the ultimate food dehydrator snack.
To make these dried banana slices simply grab a few bananas, peel the skin off and chop the banana into decently thin slices. You should be able to fit quite a lot of slices on the food dehydrator trays, make sure that all of the banana slices are spread apart and are not touching. The recommended time to put the bananas into the food dehydrator is around 6-8 hours, this time may vary as it depends on how YOU would like them done, crispy? chewy? it is up to you so the time will depend on what you want.

Cinnamon Sugar Pear Chips:

This image shows off dried sugar pear chips in a bowl
Cinnamon sugar pear chips are an easy and healthy recipe that can be made with just two ingredients. These chips are an amazing festive snack, perfect for fussy fruit eaters.
These are perfect all throughout the year, with amazing taste and a super healthy alternative snack to potato crisps. Amazing sweet taste coming from the juicy pear and a lovely cinnamon topping adding more flavour to them!
Being extremely easy to make - grab a few pears and chop them into quite thick slices, place them on the food dehydrator trays and set the timer to just over 12 hours at 110 degrees. Of course depending on how you would like the pear chips to be done, monitor them around the 10-12 hour mark to achieve the desired crispiness.

Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes:

This image shows off a bowl full of food dehydrated, dried sweet potato chips seasoned
Moving onto vegetables you need to try the dehydrated sweet potato slices. If you are a fan of sweet potatoes in any form - weather it is mashed, chips or any other you will fall in love with these!
You might not believe us when we say this but if done correctly they taste better than a tub of Pringles. Peel the skin off the sweet potatoes, chop them into thin slices. Seasoning them with any herbs and spices you desire, we would recommend chicken seasoning, peri peri seasoning and so much more. You can truly customise your dehydrated sweet potato slices.

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Besides being able to create some delicious healthy snacks using the food dehydrators. You will be able to give your fruit and vegetables a second chance. This happens in most households, you go food shopping, you go into the fruit and veg isle and pick out too much and some if not most of the fruit ends up not being used. With food dehydrators you can simply chop the fruit and veg up and give it another life as a snack or an addition to your meals. Once fruit or vegetables have been dehydrated the shelf life increases drastically meaning you will be able to store most things for months without them going bad!
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