Electric Shaver VS Razor: What’s best for you?

Electric Shaver VS Razor: What’s best for you?

Electric Shaver VS Razor: What’s best for you?

The electric shaver vs razor debate continues across many workplaces and pubs, if there’s one thing that’s a constant (other than death and taxes), then it’s men needing to shave.

All men seem to figure out their own way of making the process more convenient for themselves, as it’s just one of those things that none of us can avoid but none of us love to do. However, one thing that people often do not figure out is whether they need an electric shaver or a razor.


Electric Shavers are fast (technically)

It’s simple, shaving with an electric razor takes less time, you’ll save 2 – 3 minutes by using an electric shaver, and a lot more time if you’ve gone full Gandalf during lockdown.


Controlling the length

Electric shavers offer a lot more versatility then your standard razor, some men like to have that designer stubble look, in recent years beards have become more popular than ever but its important to keep it nice and neat. Most electric razors have different trim settings while wet shave razors only have their one, baby face setting.


The Cost

Its no secret that electric shavers are more expensive than your standard razor BUT in the long run you WILL save money (and the environment) 

60% of men shaving with cartridge razors are using up to 4 shaving products daily and over half are averagely spending a staggering £10 - £20 per month (on products) which averages £180 a year.

When you consider a standard razor body is £10 and if you’re changing the cartridge every week as advised, you’re looking at roughly £140 a year on cartridges alone. Overall, it’s costing more than you likely realise.

Electric shavers: 70% of men using electric shavers are using up to 4 shaving products daily. The rest just use traditional soap and water. Overall, 58% are spending under £10 per month on shaving products. Plus, they are not having to spend roughly £140 on replacement blades a year.


What about you? And the planet?

We know every person is different, from the amount of hair that grows, to the thickness and colour but ask yourself. How much could you save going electric? And what effect are disposable razors having on our planet?

In 2018 approximately 5.5 million people in the UK were using disposable razors. It doesn’t take much to work out that that is a vast amount of plastic being used and then thrown away each week. Whilst there is not any talk of banning disposable razors (in the same way that the ban on plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds has come into force recently), there really should be.

So its a win win situation, you will save money and the planet so what's your excuse?  

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