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What Is A Food Processor & What Do You Use It For?

What Is A Food Processor & What Do You Use It For?

There might have been time where you seen this thing called a food processor either on our storefront or online and wondered, what is a food processor and why would I need one?

In short a food processor is a kitchen appliance that helps you out with all of the repetitive tasks when it comes to cooking and food preparation. It can blend, chop, dice, slice and much more... It is like a fancy blender that can be used without the need of liquids and can help out with food preparation much more than a traditional blender can.


What you can use a food processor for:

Chop - Food processors can help out with chopping your veggies for soups or salads, chopping nuts and so much more.

Grind or Mince - Grinding or mincing meat, breadcrumbs, flours and any other grinding or mincing tasks can be completed with a food processor.

Puree - Baby food, salads, sauces.

Mix or Blend - Mixing or blending can also be done for stuff like hummus, pesto and salad dressings.

Shred or Grate - It can grate whatever you would need to be grated for example, cheese, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and much more.

Slice - Slicing foods such as potatoes, yams, beets, pepperoni, cucumbers and anything else you would like to be sliced.


There are so many more things that can be done with your food processor - we will not bore you by listing all of the different things as pretty much anything can be done with a food processor. It is the perfect kitchen assistant to aid you with all of the different tasks.

There are a few different factors you should consider before purchasing a food processor - the power and what you will be using the food processor for.

For example here at Geepas we offer quite a wide selection of different food processors:

Mini Food Processor (400W):

This image shows off the Geepas mini food processor 400w

Perfect for smaller cooking tasks - letting you blend, chop, puree and mix.

Metal Multi Food Processor (400W):This image shows off the metal mini food processor and chopper

This food processor is more than qualified to take care of all your daily cooking prep, or help you with mastering more challenging recipes.

10-In-1 Food Processor (800W):

This image shows the 10-in-1 food processor and blender in black

This food processor is perfect for anything and everything it is a mixture of a blender and a food processor, includes 10 different attachments and can handle anything that is thrown at it.

The food processor will not be for everyone - but one guarantee is everyone will find the food processor useful. It will save you so much time especially when it comes to chopping and slicing different foods. Food processors are like multi tasking machines on autopilot. You can through your tomatoes and cucumbers into the food processor whilst you're taking care of the rest of the food preparation process.

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