Trimmer Vs. Shaver: What's the difference?

Trimmer Vs. Shaver: What's the difference?

Over the last few years, men have begun to take a serious interest in grooming their hair in all types of ways! Beards, moustaches and even sideburns are trending on social media, that means there are more devices than ever, and it can be confusing to know exactly what you need for the look you want.

There are many hair removal devices available. The most widely used are electric shavers and trimmers, but a lot of men don’t know the difference. Choosing which of these two shaving devices can be confusing so we thought we would write up a quick guide to decide if you need a “trimmer” or a “shaver”. 

So, what’s the difference?

Electric Trimmers

Trimmers are used to perfecting and maintaining a specific look. Trimmers are for men who want to get their beard and moustache looking just right and are willing to spend the time to achieve it. They are the best choice if you plan on keeping facial hair in line but not getting rid of it entirely. Trimmers provide the versatility to adjust hair length via the comb attachments provided.

Electric Shavers

Shaver's are used for a quick, close and painless shave. The electric shaver focuses on keeping your skin as smooth as possible but avoiding those nasty nicks and cuts. A replacement for a razor black, an electric shaver is a convenient way to to get that clean bald look.  

Still confused? 

Both are very effective, it is a matter of personal preference, individual needs, and shaving habits. Know your grooming requirements first, then choose the right tool for the job. 

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