Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf
Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf
Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf
Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf
Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf
Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf

Chrome CUBE Handheld Toilet Sprayer and Shattaf

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FINEST QUALITY FINISH: This handheld bidet sprayer is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a solid ABS plastic construction with a gleaming chrome finish. Not only does it exude quality, but it also ensures long-lasting durability that can withstand everyday use.

LONG HANDLE: The inclusion of an extended handle provides both extra reach and added convenience. The soft-press button is thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals of all ages, including children and the elderly, making it incredibly user-friendly.

MULTIPLE USES: This versatile bidet sprayer serves a multitude of purposes in your household. From enhancing personal hygiene routines to efficiently cleaning cloth diapers, washing dirty pets, or even providing an easier way to rinse your hair, this handheld sprayer is a practical addition to any home.

WATER PRESSURE CONTROL: Experience great water pressure control with this bidet sprayer. It offers a gentle bidet spray for personal use and a powerful jet spray for more demanding cleaning tasks. With an ideal water pressure range of 0.2MPa to 0.4MPa, it ensures efficient and effective operation.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: When you purchase this bidet sprayer kit, you'll receive a high-quality handheld bidet sprayer, a 1.2-meter stainless steel bidet water hose, and a wall-mounted sprayer holder (please note that it's designed for wall mounting and cannot be attached to the toilet tank).

WIDELY USED: Beyond its primary function as a bidet sprayer, this versatile tool finds applications throughout your home. Whether you're bathing your pets, cleaning floors and bathrooms, or taking a refreshing shower, it proves to be a practical and indispensable addition to your daily routines.

EASY INSTALLATION: Installing this bidet sprayer is a breeze and requires no professional plumbing help. In approximately 10 minutes, you can have it up and running, providing you with the convenience of instant personal hygiene.

LEAK-PROOF & HIGH QUALITY: Say goodbye to leak problems with the advanced design of this bidet sprayer. It features double protection with a stainless steel casing, ensuring a secure and watertight connection. Additionally, the stainless steel casing enhances durability, provides excellent oxidation resistance, and boasts impeccable workmanship.

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