The 16 inch black pedestal fan is on a white background.
The image shows off the 16" black pedestal cooling fan on a wooden living room floor along with some living room furniture in the background. The image also shows the different product features of the fans such as a 40W power output, oscillation, three speed settings and an adjustable fan head.
The image shows off a close up photograph of the black pedestal fan it shows what the four different buttons do, the first button on the top shows to power the fan off, the next one down shows low speed, the next one down shows medium speed setting, the last one down shows the highest speed. There are also some living room decorations in the background of the image such as plants and a sofa.
This image shows off the oscillation for the fan. The fan features a 60 to 120 degree oscillation.
This image shows off the black pedestal fan having an adjustable fan head the image shows a few different angles that the fan head can be adjusted to.

16’’ Oscillating Black Pedestal Stand Fan

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✅ Three-Speed Settings
✅ 60-120 Degree Oscillation
✅ Adjustable Fan Head
✅ 40W Power Output

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The black 16 inch pedestal fan is made out of stainless steel and plastic. The combination ensures reliability, durability and a great look.

Perfect for all rooms in your house weather it comes to helping you fall asleep whilst creating a cool breeze in your bedroom or cooling down the lounge room during a super hot summer day. The fan looks super stylish with the black and silver design. Bringing a new twist on the classic design.

A 40W motor and three-bladed head allows the fan to provide the most effective cooling solution. The fan also features a three speed variable setting giving you the option to choose how fast the fan operates. The three speeds are: low, medium and high settings.

A pivoting head, adjustable height and oscillation allows for maximum freedom to choose and set the fan to suit your needs. Allowing you to choose the height, direction and speed of the fan is extremely important. For example when you are using the fan to help you cool down your bedroom before you fall asleep you might want to choose the lowest setting, maximum oscillation and positioning the fan head upwards.

The fan is designed with the safety of children in the household. With several different features such as a tight mesh grill placed in front of the spinning blades will ensure that kids won't get hurt by the spinning blades. The feet of the fan are also stabilised to ensure the fan does not fall over.

This fan also comes with free two year warranty, along with free returns and free next day shipping. Don't miss out and enjoy summer the right way.

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