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230W Energy-Efficient Folding Heated Clothes Airer


Heated clothes airers, also known a heated clothes drying racks, can contribute to an increase in indoor humidity, which might lead to condensation in certain conditions. Here's how it works:

Moisture Evaporation: When you hang wet clothes on a heated clothes airer, the warmth causes the moisture in the clothes to evaporate into the air.

Rising Humidity: As the clothes dry, the humidity in the immediate vicinity of the drying rack increases.

Condensation: If the room is not well-ventilated, or if the moisture from the drying clothes is unable to escape, it can lead to condensation on windows, walls, or other cool surfaces within the room.

To prevent condensation when using a heated clothes airer, consider the following tips:

Ventilation: Ensure the room is adequately ventilated. Open windows or use an extractor fan to allow moist air to escape.

Dehumidifiers: Using a dehumidifier in the room can help remove excess moisture from the air.

Reduce Moisture: Avoid overloading the airer, which can increase the amount of moisture released into the room. Also, ensure clothes are not excessively wet when hung up.