How To Make Perfectly Cooked Sticky Rice

How To Make Perfectly Cooked Sticky Rice

Discover the ultimate guide to crafting the fluffiest and stickiest sticky rice ever! Our step-by-step journey takes you from soaking to steaming, unveiling the secrets to perfect rice for your favorite dishes.

We're about to spill the secrets on making the fluffiest and stickiest rice you've ever laid eyes on. Whether you're into sushi, dim sum, or just want a tasty side, this easy guide will have you cooking rice like a pro in no time. Let's dive into the world of perfectly cooked sticky rice!

Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 cups of rice (depending on serving size)
  • Water for soaking (because rice loves a good soak!)
  • Rice Cooker or Steamer
  • A big bowl
  • Rice paddle or a wooden spatula


1. Soak The Rice - The Chill Phase:

  • Rinse the rice until it's feeling fresh and clean.
  • Toss the rice into a bowl and let it swim in water for at least 2-3 hours.

2. Drain & Prep For The Steamer/Rice Cooker:

  • Remove excess water by giving the rice a good drain.

3. Time To Steam:

  • Toss the rice onto the steamer tray or into the rice cooker, spreading it out.
  • Let the water in the steamer or rice cooker do its thing, cover it up. Steam for around 20-25 minutes - the magic is happening!

4. Fluff Dance - Stirring Up Some Fluffiness:

  • Flip the rice with your paddle or a trusty spatula.
  • Cover and let it steam its way for an extra 10-15 minutes until it's all translucent and cooked.

5. Quick Breather - The Cool Down Moment:

  • Give your rice a break - let it chill in the covered steamer for 10 minutes.

6. Fluff Again & Let The Feast Begin:

  • Gently fluff the rice once more.
  • Now, scoop that perfect sticky goodness into a bowl or any snazzy container you've got.

Some Extra Tips:

  • If you are using a steamer, keep that lid on tight - keeps the rice cooking evenly.
  • The longer you soak your rice the stickier it will be - it's like marinating but for rice.
  • Don't overcrowd the steamer or the rice cooker, let the steam party freely!

rice cooker on top of a kitchen countertop with several dishes besides it

Time To Dig In!

Congratulations, you've just mastered the art of sticky rice! Now, let the good times roll. Dive into a world of sushi creations, dim sum delights, or maybe just a cosy side to your favourite dish. Your kitchen is now the stage for sticky rice perfection - let the culinary adventures begin!

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