Is Using A Space Heater Cheaper Than Central Heating?

Is Using A Space Heater Cheaper Than Central Heating?

A harsh winter is around the corner. The energy prices are going up. The living crisis is in full blast. This article might save you hundreds of pounds!
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Cost of living crisis along with energy prices soaring, many of us are looking at different ways of saving money this winter. Many of us are worried about how winter is going to look this year - Many struggling with the increased pricing on food, petrol, and other necessities. Saving money in different ways will help ease some of the struggles you might be facing.
All of the numbers you will see in this article might not be 100% accurate to you due to many different factors such as different energy suppliers and other factors. In some cases, your numbers might be higher or lower than the ones displayed.

What Is A Space Heater?

A space heater is a heating device used to heat up small to medium-sized areas. These may include electric fan heaters, ceramic heaters, halogen heaters, and oil radiators. Space heaters are commonly used in areas of the home such as patios and garages.
Fan heaters are often used to heat up personal spaces. For example, using a halogen heater to heat yourself up in the office.

How Much Does It Cost To Leave The Central Heating On?

Knowing how much it will cost you to leave the heating on throughout the night is extremely important as it might cost you - very much, have a look:
"According to research from the energy helpline, keeping your radiators on all night will cost you an extra £10.80 a day.
Over the course of a week, that would cost you £75.60, and if you did it all month you could be paying out a whopping £335."
You might be looking at the number £10.80 a day and it might not seem such a big deal. Looking at the bigger picture, the damage is huge. Let's say you turn your heating on in November and turn it off in February; £335 x 4 months = £1,340.
Bearing in mind all of the numbers above are extra figures on top of the central heating you would use in the morning, afternoon, and evening. All of the figures are based on the heating being left on between 10pm and 7am.
You will pay around £1,340 on TOP of your normal heating bills throughout the four-month period.

How To Keep Yourself Warm During Winter?

There is no simple way around this - the energy crisis will have a massive effect on everyone. What we aim to do is save you some money off these bills.
Firstly, minimize using central heating. Small things such as using the central heating during the night can set you back over £1,300.
You might be wondering how you should keep yourself warm:
  1. Wrap-Up - Buy warm cozy jumpers, hoodies, fluffy socks, the whole lot!
  2. Invest In A Space Heater - Space heaters are going to save you a lot of money this winter. On average a space heater will cost you £2.72 every four hours. Use the space heater to heat up the room you are in.
  3. Electric Blanket - Use an electric blanket to warm up your bed before you get in. According to Uswitch, a double bed electric blanket uses 100 watts of energy costing 0.8p every 30 minutes.
There are several other ways of keeping warm in the winter which we will be going through on our social media channels in the following weeks. In the meantime consider investing in some of these appliances such as space heaters and electric blankets.
Cutting down on energy bills will come with great benefits to you and your household in the long term.

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