How To Use A Pressure Cooker Safely

How To Use A Pressure Cooker Safely

Pressure cooking can be quite daunting - there are several super simple tips to get you to use your pressure cooking underway in the safest possible way. Pressure cooking is fast and delicious, follow our guide and ensure you use a pressure cooker safely!

Pressure cooking will revolutionize your meals. Pressure cooking keeps more taste and food nutrients compared to other forms of cooking, yet it is extremely important to know how to use a pressure cooker safely. Following the advice in this article will ensure you are doing the most to avoid any accidents and are maintaining your pressure cooker the right way.

First, let us explain how a pressure cooker works:

A pressure cooker is a cooking device that uses steam pressure to cook food quickly. Here's how it works:

  1. Water is added to the pressure cooker and the lid is sealed shut.
  2. Heat is applied to the pot, which causes the water to boil and steam to form.
  3. As the steam builds up inside the pot, it creates pressure, which raises the boiling point of water.
  4. The high pressure and elevated boiling point allow food to cook at a higher temperature than it would in a regular pot, which reduces cooking time.
  5. The pressure cooker has a safety valve that prevents the pressure from becoming too high and a pressure release valve to release the pressure when cooking is complete.

Now that you understand how a pressure cooker works let us introduce 7 very simple pressure cooker safety tips.

1. Do NOT leave your pressure cooker unsupervised - it is important to keep an eye on your pressure cooker whilst it is in use.

2. Do NOT lift the lid of the pressure cooker until the pressure has gone down.

3. Always check the rubber gasket before you use the pressure cooker - the rubber gasket should have no damage, no cracks and it should not be worn out.

4. Do NOT overfill the pressure cooker - if the pressure cooker is overfilled excessive pressure will start to build inside often blocking the release vents which can cause the lid of the pressure cooker to explode.

5. Beware of the steam - steam can cause second and third-degree burns. Be extremely careful when opening the pressure cooker right after the pressure has done down. Using heat resistant gloves and other safety equipment can be used to protect yourself from the steam.

6. Do NOT let kids & animals get close - as mentioned pressure cooking is safe in the right environments. Making sure kids and pets stay away from the pressure cooker is crucial.

7. Clean your pressure cooker properly after every use - cleaning your appliances goes a long way to ensure it lasts and is also clear of any debris/food from the last cooking session. Hand wash all components of the pressure cooker after EACH use.

Pressure cooking might seem a little scary to someone that has never used a pressure cooker in the past. Although it is quite simple - and very delicious at the same time!

Whilst using a pressure cooker it is crucial to just be present and ensure everything is working as intended.

If you do have any questions about our pressure cookers, safety instructions, or any other queries please drop us a message on the live chat, or social media channels or give us a call - we would be more than happy to help!

We wish you happy cooking!

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