400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper
400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper
400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper
400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper
400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper

400W Mini Food Processor and Chopper

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The mini food processor is designed to deal with the tedious cooking tasks such as chopping, blending, puréeing and more. Saving you time and effort on the simple tasks whilst still maintaining the texture and taste you desire.

A powerful dual speed 400W motor enables stress free cooking and effortless processing. A small and compact design ensures you will not have to worry about storage or cluttering your kitchen countertop. Ease of use was our number one priority whilst developing the mini food processor; It's as simple as load, close, lock and watch the magic happen.

The outer body of the mini food processor is made out of toughened plastics for ensured durability and safety. Stainless Steel blades ensure amazing performance even against the toughest of foods.

A 500ml capacity ensures you have enough room for yourself and for the family. With a small and compact design it means it is super easy to clean - We would recommend cleaning the appliance by hand and would not recommend putting it in the dishwasher. Due to the item being an electrical kitchen appliance it has many different sensors and components that could get damaged if washed in the dishwasher. The item is easy to disassemble and assemble so cleaning is very easy.

The mini food processor is designed for comfort and safety which means there are several safety features built inside such as lock-activation technology and anti-slip designs. Which allows you to keep the kitchen appliance around kids without having to worry.

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