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2900W Induction Cooker

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This induction cooker displays time on a 4-digit LED screen. It allows quick setting and can be easily operated with the touch controls located on top. Makes cooking professional, precise and fast.

This programmable stove has a timer function that can be preset for cooking meals. Precision in controls allows maximum control over the heat and texture of food. Its design is simple, and it is easy to clean.

This cooker offers various temperature (60°- 240°) and power (200W – 2000W) levels and helps you create all of your kitchen cuisines with the perfect flavor and softness. You can set it up with ease.

This electric hob turns off automatically when it is not used for a particular time. This feature protects the appliance from overheating.

Induction cooker is a handy device however it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Therefore, it has a child-lock option, and it is safe to leave it unattended. 2 Induction zones allow flexible cooking. Now you can cook two different meals at a time.