Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L
Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L
Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L
Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L
Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L

Infrared Halogen Oven Cooker with Timer | Temperature Dial | 12L

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The Geepas infrared halogen oven cooker comes with a 60 minute timer and an adjustable temperature dial for precise, fast cooking. This multipurpose halogen oven can steam, BBQ, grill and fry foods at home for versatile meals in minutes. A powerful 1400W capacity and stainless steel components provide enough power to roast a whole chicken or make homemade chips.

Product Features

  • Multifunctional
  • 12L capacity
  • 60 minute timer
  • Adjustable temperature dial
  • Cyclone heating system
  • 40% faster heating than a standard oven
  • Tongs included
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy handling
  • Portable
  • 1400W
  • 2 year warranty

Fast Food with Infrared Technology

Cooking with a halogen oven not only heats food 40% faster than using a conventional oven but is also more economically friendly.

From roast chicken to chips, the Geepas turbo halogen oven is perfect for a speedy meal in minutes.

Crowd pleaser halogen oven recipes include roast pork with roasted vegetables or perfect roasties and chips for a family favourite! Cooking chips in a halogen oven is simple. Simply chop potatoes into your chosen chip size, cover lightly in oil and cook till they’re soft and deliciously crispy!

Lower the costs of your family holiday by making delicious self-catered meals. The Geepas halogen oven cooker is compact enough to be taken on family camping and caravan trips.

Looking for more ways to speed up meal times? The Geepas 3 tier steamer is simple to use and allows you to steam meat, fish and vegetables at the same time!

How to Use a Halogen Oven

Cooking food in a halogen oven is easier than you might think.

Place food on the high or low cooking rack. The low rack is best for baking, roasting and slow cooking, while the high rack is suited to frying, searing and grilling foods.

Set the timer to a maximum of 60 minutes and the temperature up to 250 degrees. The oven will automatically turn off when the timer ends.

The Geepas halogen oven heats up rapidly thanks to the infrared technology so there is no need to pre heat or parboil.

Typical cooking times:

Chips take around 10 minutes to cook on a high rack, while a piece of fish takes around 20 minutes.

A Closer Look at the Geepas Infrared Halogen Oven Features

When searching for a halogen oven, there are a few key features to look out for.

The Geepas halogen oven comes with the following;

Multipurpose Functions

Steam, bake, roast and grill foods in this versatile halogen cooker to save time and space in the kitchen.

Intelligent Infrared Technology

Infrared technology penetrates food quickly while the built in fan ensures food is cooked through evenly.

Adjustable Temperature

The adjustable temperature dial allows you to cook foods from 0-250 degrees allowing for precise cooking.

Economical Cooking

The rapid heating of the device which heats food up to 40% faster than conventional ovens is energy saving.

12L Capacity

A 12L capacity glass bowl allows for the cooking of large food items.

Compact and Portable

The compact design can work in any sized kitchen and is portable for self-catered holidays.

2 Year Warranty

The Geepas infrared halogen oven comes with a two year warranty against any faults. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, we can provide a simple exchange or refund.

Let Geepas Lend a Helping Hand

Cook faster and more efficiently with the Geepas halogen oven and see how it could simplify mealtimes at your house.

To discover more handy kitchen gadgets and save time in the kitchen, browse the Geepas range of kitchen appliances today.

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