Electric Bug Killer /2x8w Tube 1X6 Geepas | For you. For life.
Electric Bug Killer /2x8w Tube 1X6 Geepas | For you. For life.
Electric Bug Killer /2x8w Tube 1X6 Geepas | For you. For life.
Electric Bug Killer /2x8w Tube 1X6 Geepas | For you. For life.
Electric Bug Killer /2x8w Tube 1X6 Geepas | For you. For life.

16W Electric UV Indoor Insect Zapper

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Save yourself from the hassle of insects, wasps, spiders and mosquitos this summer!

This might be your first time seeing an insect killer designed for your home. The insect zapper features two UV 8-watt tubes that are the most effective way of attracting and killing bugs, insects and other creatures around your house.

The bug zapper can be used for a wide range of insects such as fruit flies, flies, mosquitoes, bees and wasps, spiders and ants. There is not a more effective way of eliminating the insects that this insect zapper. Leave your window open without the worry, it attracts and eliminates all of the unwanted insects.

Removable Tray - In many cases when you buy other insect repellants and insect killers you often end up with the insects bunched up around the repellant. It can get quite disgusting having to clean up the insects/bugs. In this case this is not an issue the insect zapper/killer features a detachable wide tray. When an insect/bug touches the UV tube it will get zapped and fall into the tray. We would recommend emptying and cleaning the tray daily depending on how many insects you have in your house and where the zapper is placed.

Wide Usability - The insect zapper can be used in every single room in your house. Many insect zappers are designed for commercial use and can be used in specific environments. In this case you can place the insect zapper on your kitchen window. The reason why this differs from the typical commercial zappers is the protection along with quiet usage.

Protective Cage - A protective cage is placed in front of the UV tubes providing maximum safety. This makes it super safe around kids and pets.

Non-Polluting - The insect zapper poses no health hazards at all. The parts are all chemical free and safe to use in every room in the house and commercial places such as bars and restaurants. This device is super lightweight which means it can be placed and hung up in any desirable place.

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