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Ice Cream Maker | 1.5 QT Capacity

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At the touch of a button you can enjoy delectable homemade ice cream from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Geepas Ice Cream Maker. If you're looking for an ice cream maker that’s easy to use and enjoyable for kids, then the Geepas Ice Cream Maker is perfect you.

This allows you to control exactly what goes into your dessert, which is important for those who want to avoid additives, or are watching their calories. With a pre-frozen bowl, you can have ice cream ready in just 20 minutes. So, indulge in a mouth-watering chocolate ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yoghurt.

Use the spout to add your favorite treats into the ice-cream, whether it's chocolate chips or sprinkles of nuts.                              

The Geepas Ice Cream Maker is easy to clean and maintain too, the mixing paddle is removable and the bowl can be hand washed with ease. What’s more, it’s easy to assemble and also stores away neatly until next time.