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Home Deep Fat Fryer: 1.5L


From chicken to spring rolls, a home deep fat fryer will revolutionise the way you enjoy dinner. People of all ages will delight in creating delicious, home-cooked meals with this appliance!

1.5L CAPACITY, A GREAT ADDITION TO ANY KITCHEN - This deep fryer has a capacity of 1.5L and can cook up to 3 servings at a time. It is suitable for making burgers chips fish chicken doughnuts fritters chocolate bars egg rolls fried chips French fries and can take on almost any frying recipe you desire. Compact enough to fit on a countertop or be stored away if needed, but big enough to cook A delicious meal. Great for domestic kitchens, flats, caravans, holiday homes & student accommodation.

STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING, VIEWING WINDOW - Contemporary, high grade stainless steel housing with viewing window in lid which lets you see how golden your fried food is getting so you can remove it at the right point for serving and prevents Oil Splashes. It has a fixed oil container to keep hot oil safely inside the appliance when in use. With a detachable basket and cool-touch handle you can easily and safely lower your food into the hot oil, with no risk of burning.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Adjustable thermostat with indicator light, from 0-190 degrees Celsius, meaning you are in complete control of your cooking. Capable of frying many different foods such as deliciously crisp fries, onion rings, fried chicken, battered fish, calamari, and vegetables to make tempura or for those with a sweet tooth why not try doughnuts, churros, bananas and other fruits to make fritters. Even try more exotic foods like croquettes, samosas, spring rolls and so much more.

MULTIPURPOSE DEEP FAT FRYER – Perfect for frying sweet and savoury recipes including chips, fish, chicken, doughnuts, fritters, chocolate bars, spring rolls and more! Features a cool touch handle safety cut out and overheat protection, it shuts off the device when it reaches to maximum temperature.

EASY TO CLEAN, 2 YEAR WARRANTY – Non-stick coating means food doesn’t get stuck and it can easily be wiped clean, taking away any mess or fuss from post-use cleaning. The detachable basket can also be removed for thorough washing.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy using this deep fryer, as its features include:

5L oil capacity
Stainless steel
Enamel inner pot
Mechanical temperature control
LED heat indicator light
Non-immersed heating element
Easy to clean
Detachable handle
Chrome plated fry basket
Oil filtration system
Together, these make it one of the best deep fat fryers for home use.

For small kitchens in particular, however, this product is ideal.

2-Year Warranty
If you encounter any problems with your home deep fat fryer, we can arrange a return without any hassle within 24 months.