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Digital Bathroom Scales |150Kg Capacity |6mm Tempered Glass

You will have a choice between st, kg and lb. Its weight scale allows measuring up to 150 kg / 330lb / 23st. With such device, you can find out the percentage of muscle tissue, water, fat, bone.

The surface of the scales is covered with special tempered glass. This prevents scratches and cracks on the surface. A minimalistic black and white design will make this appliance suitable for any home.

Special areas located on the surface of the bathroom scales, calculate the exact percentage of muscles, body fat scale, water. This function will help to better compose your diet if you want to lose weight or gain weight.

As soon as you stand on these scales, the display will instantly show your real body weight. With this LCD display, it will be convenient and easy to read the data.

If you notice any problems or damage of the weighing scales when you receive it, you can exchange it or return it within 24 months. It will save your money and the joy of the purchase will not be eclipsed.