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Hex Key Set | Short Arm | Metric Ball Point


With precision tips and firm grip, these hex keys will make any task much simpler.

Hexagon keys, or Allen keys, have a multitude of uses, which means they need a wide variety of features also. With this product, you’ll receive:

9 separate pieces
Robust build
2-year warranty
Ergonomic plastic sleeves
Good leverage
Secure clip
High-quality steel
Easy to use
Non-slip grip
These features have multiple benefits for those using this hand tool.

These folding hex keys screw and drive in hexagon-shaped bolts in. They can be used for a variety of different tasks, including:

Putting furniture together
Bike repairs
Picking locks
Thanks to their specific shape, they can tackle tasks a ratchet screwdriver set may not be able to.

Should you encounter any problems with your hex key set within 24 months, you can easily get a refund or a replacement. Simply contact us for more details.