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Geepas Electric Ice Cube Maker Machine

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Production Capacity, Two Sized Cubes

This ice cube maker makes ice quickly and in a larger quantity. You can get 1400 cubes from it in a single day. That is equivalent to 12kg of ice. Now you can keep your drinks chilled all day. 

It makes it even easier to handle guests. In summer a chilled glass of lemonade can make anyone's day. 

This maker has two available sizes for the cubes. You can choose either to suit your needs. 

Container Capacity 

The water container can hold up to 2.2 litres of water. This water when turned into ice weighs up to 700 grams. Therefore, the ice container will have a capacity of 700 grams. 

Automatic Turn-Off Feature 

When the maker has converted the water into ice, the appliance turns off by itself. This saves energy and power. On the other hand, it will also turn off if the water level is very low, or there is no water in the tank. 

Automatic And Silent Functioning 

The automatic turn-off function allows you to relax. You can easily leave it, and it will keep functioning until the ice is formed. The entire process is done silently.

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