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Electric Skillet | 1500W |Cool Touch Handle

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This skillet features a cooking surface with a large size of 30 x 30 CM. This allows you to fry and saute a variety of items including fish, bacon.

The Electric Multi Cooker is constructed from high quality non-stick material; your food will be cooked to perfection with little to no oil giving you healthier results than traditional cooking. The non-stick coating also makes the multi cooker quick & easy to clean. The glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking process without removing it. With this square Multi Cooker you can Fry, sauté, braise, brown and simmer.

Mains powered, this 1500 W Multi Cooker simply needs plugging in. You can select from 5 different temperature settings, allowing you complete control over the cooking process. This convenient thermostat can maintain very precise temperature allowing you to achieve the perfect crisp and texture of food.