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Electric Humidifier | 16 Hours of Continuous Mist

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The oil diffuser allows you to improve your skin, as the dry air dries it strongly. This can lead to skin problems or make it worse. During the day and at night, dry air can also interfere with breathing freely. You may have a sore throat or a runny nose that will cause you discomfort. Colds are most often transmitted through the air with low humidity. Aromatherapy diffuser will save you from any unpleasant sensations. These devices are also ideal as humidifiers for a baby room.

COMPACT DESIGN - Compact size of the humidifier allows you to store it even in the smallest room. The fully adjustable dial lets you choose the perfect speed for cool soothing mist to be released into your room.
QUIET WORK - The air purifier provides a quiet stay at home thanks to its quiet operation.
FILTRATION SYSTEM - Descaling the parts of the diffuser is always a big problem. This appliance simplifies this process because thanks to a replaceable filter any dirt is removed from the water.
CAPACITY 4L - Such a large volume of the air humidifiers will allow you to pour in enough water for continuous operation. Due to this, the humidifier can work all night and continuously moisturize the air. The maximum operating time of the oil diffusers is 16 hours of an output of 250-350 ml/hour.
WATERLESS AUTO-OFF, 2-YEAR WARRANTY - This humidifier will automatically shut off when water runs out. If the device breaks down or turns out to be faulty, you can return your money within 24 months after purchase. We try to do our things in such a way that no incidents will upset you.