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Angle Grinder | 850W | 11500 RPM Speed

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This angle grinder has a very high power of 850W. The power is especially useful when cutting through very dense metal objects. It has a very sleek design comfortable enough so you can keep holding it, even in the most strenuous tasks. Elegant design makes a good addition of class in your arsenal.

The disc is 115mm, a suitable size for most of the grinding and cutting tasks. It saves you the trouble of buying many different sized discs. It rotates at a speed of 11500 rpm. The speed along with its power gives the perfect combination for application in large tasks with ease.

The handle is insulated with rubber and is grip-friendly. With a perimeter of 186mm, it is perfect to fit in your hand. There is also an air intake. This shutter type air intake focuses on cleaning the metal from the dust particles. its material is plastic and metal.

It uses an AC voltage of 220 – 240V. 50 HZ is a suitable frequency for this heavy duty tool. It gives controlled vibration so that you are not shaking every time while using it.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty.