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Multi-Function Breakfast Set Frying Pan | 1250W

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This appliance can replace your pan, steamer and toaster. It contains all the functions of these devices. At any time you can use one of its capabilities or several at once. A full breakfast, lunch or dinner can be prepared using this one sandwich toaster and egg cups.

Using Geepas toaster and mini-pan at the same time for toasting bread, cooking and poaching eggs, frying steaks, steaming vegetables and beans, defrosting cheeses and so on.

The high-quality material of these toasters ensures long and reliable operation of the device. It will not be afraid of any scratches or minor damage. Stainless steel will also allow it to keep the temperature inside for a while. It will keep food warm until you eat it.

After cooking, you always have to clean the crumbs. This device has a special tray that can be removed and cleaned of food debris. You just need to rinse it with water and wipe it with a cloth. This will greatly simplify the process of washing the device.

If the device breaks down or turns out to be faulty, you can return your money within 24 months after purchase. We try to do our things in such a way that no incidents will upset you.