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The image shows off the single electric portable hot plate with a frying pan and vegetables inside of it
Electric Single Hot Plate
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1600W Electric Barbecue Grill, 2-in-1 Grill with Hot Plate, Smokeless Indoor BBQ Electric Grill and Griddle Electric BBQ Grill Geepas | For you. For life.
Indoor Electric Barbeque Grill With Hot Plate
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2000W Double Hot Plate Cooker Geepas | For you. For life.


Any cookware that you can use on a gas or electric stove can be used on your hot plates. Most cast iron, stainless steel and carbon steel cookware are good options to use.

Hot plates often come in handy when you are out of space on your hob/cooker. We also advise everyone to own hot plates for travelling, extra cooking space or in case something goes wrong with you hob/cooker.

It is extremely important you care for your hot plates. If not cleaned and maintained correctly, a hot plate will gradually lose power as well as cause a risk/hazard. Making sure it is cleaned regularly will ensure safety and good performance over the long term.

A hot plate acts like a portable cooker/hob which means anything that you can cook on your cooker the hot plates will also be able to cook. Anything from frying, steaming, boiling and much more.

If your hot plate is not taken care of and well maintained, hot plates can be extremely dangerous. Our hot plates have several different safety features in place to minimise the risk. Yet care should be applied at all times. For example making sure you use the correct cookware, ensuring the hot plate is turned off when not in use.