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Electric Teppanyaki Grill | 2000W | Grilling and Cooking

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Teppanyaki is a great way to enjoy family meals or partying with friends. This grill can liven up the atmosphere and can be a must-have while camping. You can use it to fry, grill or cook fish, meat, bacon and much more.

This electric grill has a large cooking area and is ideal for cooking large meals at a time. Now you don't have to use multiple pans and do all heating cooking with this one grill. Teppanyaki is supposed to be a shared meal. Its large size allows you to use it with your family with ease. It has the dimensions 46 x 26 cm.

The upper surface is made entirely of non-stick material. It uses less oil and fat making your food more healthy and low on cholesterol. It does not get greasy and is super easy to clean. It saves your time while increasing the efficiency. The bottom of the pan holds a tray that collects the extra oil.

This grill can be easily adjusted to the required temperature, and it heats up quickly to the set heat level.