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Electric Vegetable Spiralizer | 200W | 4 in 1 Set

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This electric vegetable spiralizer is the perfect kitchen assistant.

Want to cut vegetables? No problem. Need to slice cheese? Easy! This handy kitchen appliance can perform any task in a matter of seconds!

Make food preparation quick and easy. Here’s a closer look at this product and what it can do for you.

Dishwasher safe (except the motor)
Simple to use
4 piece set - suits a variety of uses
2-year warranty
Stainless steel blades
High quality
Sharp nozzles
200W engine power
Automatic operation
Compact and convenient size
Attractive design

This power allows the product to run for a long time - helping you prepare your fruit and veg! In a short amount of time, it can prepare enough ingredients for multiple meals. Preparing healthy recipes can be time-consuming. This spiralizer shortcuts this problem.

These nozzles make sure the product works efficiently, as a blunt knife would use more power by working twice as hard. This sharpened edges on this appliance ensure this won’t happen.

Also, the special coating ensures no food will stick to them.

4 in 1
You can prepare a multitude of meals, largely thanks to the 4 different settings. These include:


So, no matter what meal you’re preparing - a snack for one or an evening dinner - you’ll find a setting to suit you. There’s no need to buy add-ons or extras, everything you need is in one place!


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