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6 Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set & Case


The Geepas quality screwdriver set with case comes with two types of screwdrivers for use throughout the home, garage or workshop. Three slotted screwdrivers and three Phillips heads make for a versatile tool kit, all packaged in a handy, portable case. With ergonomic handles and hardened, chrome vanadium steel.

The Geepas screwdriver set comes with two types of screwdriver;

Sometimes known as a cross-head screwdriver, this type of screwdriver is used for any screw with a cross shaped indentation.

These are to be used for slotted screws which have a straight slit. For fixing socket outlets, keyholes, shelves and more!

Assorted Types and Sizes of Screwdrivers
The Geepas quality screwdriver set comes with six different screwdrivers, varying in type and size for versatile use around the home and garage.

Comfortable Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set
Rubber, textured grip handles provide comfort and prevent slipping to protect against accidents.

Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Set
This chemically-blackened magnetic screwdriver set protects against rust and corrosion for long-lasting reliability.

Easily Identifiable
Red, colour marked handles prevent your Geepas set from getting mixed up with other tools in your kit. Instantly recognisable tools to get the job done fast.

Portable Case
This screwdriver set comes with a sturdy plastic case with a comfortable handle. Lightweight and easily transportable, this tool set can travel with you.

Product Dimensions
3 slotted: 5.5x75mm, 5,5x100mm, 6.5x100mm

3 Phillips: 1x75mm, 2x100mm, 2x150mm