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Geepas Cotton Candy Floss Machine


Make Candy Floss at Home

For all the cotton candy fans out there, it is possible to get it elsewhere than just at a carnival or party. This little tool allows you to create your very own cotton candy at home. You can put in all your creativity and explore many flavours.

Fun and Exciting to Make

Eating aside, making cotton candy is also a fun task. You can enjoy it with your friends and family as a part of the celebration. It is simple and super easy to use. So, you do not have to be an expert to make a perfect floss of candy. It’s all about the tool.

Healthy and Tasty

This fun snack is easily customizable, and you can add your homemade ingredients. This includes sugar. Since its entirely homemade it is perfectly healthy and safe to enjoy. So, get your stuff ready and pop up some fun!

One-Touch Operation, Easy to Clean

This maker works with a simple ON/OFF switch. This one button operation device has a quick and simple mechanism. It is safe for kids, and you can let them operate it. The upper tray is easy to clean. Just clean it with hot water after use, so it does not stick to it.