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The Great Kitchen Appliance & Homeware Christmas Sale!

The Great Kitchen Appliance & Homeware Christmas Sale!

We always make occasions more special... How? you may ask, well with unbeatable sales - If you are a long term customer you may know that we provide some absolutely amazing benefits whilst shopping with us, for example: Free delivery for all UK orders, free returns, quality assurance, two year warranty... The list goes on forever honestly.

You may have missed the Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale but it is not yet too late for you to catch the Christmas Sale... the greatest kitchen appliance deals on items such as blender, mini ovens, food processors, cookware sets and so much more on our website that will simply disappear in 2022!

Our deals and prices will go back to normal as soon as the clocks strike midnight on the 31st of December. We like to pride ourselves in providing the best prices for the best products, you get what you see, and if you don't like it you simply return it for free, stop hesitating and putting of getting your first Geepas.

There are honestly so absolutely crazy deals on our website right now - we will be going through and showing off our great products so grab a coffee and sit back!

Filter Coffee Machine 1.5L - £19.99

This image shows off a black filter coffee machine with a 1.5L glass jug inside of it

Probably the best deal on our website, perfect for everyone and every situation! designed with coffee lovers in mind, the machine can brew up to 12 cups of coffee with a single fill!

How to make the perfect coffee?

Well, the Geepas filter coffee machine basically does it all for you. With no need to spend a huge amount of money on an overpriced branded coffee machine it will truly surprise you with how good it is... With over 178 5* reviews. You should not miss out on this machine.

Some of the features include:

  • Easy-grip handle
  • Boil-dry protection
  • Anti-drip function

Now less than 100 pieces left in stock and they are going super fast. Get in before it is too late.

Electric Ice Cube Making Machine - £104.99

Imagine if there was a machine that you put water in, wait a few minutes and boom, the perfect ice cubes are ready for you to use. Perfect for a glass of whiskey or when you're hosting a BBQ party!

There a two ice cube size options - with small and large ice cubes meaning you can make the perfect ice for whatever purpose you need them for.

This machine is great for the summer time when you go to your caravan and would like a refreshing icy glass of Coca-Cola!

Diving into more technical information this machine has a 2.2 litre tank with 700g ice cube container capacity. This machine can produce a total of 12kg of ice within 24 hours which is equivalent to 1400 cubes of ice...

With nearly 30% off it's a deal you can not miss.

Electric Chapati Maker 10" - £42.99

It's all in the name... in recent months everyone has been going crazy over these. Customers absolutely love them! making tiktok's, instagram reels and so much more for these chapati makers - we are all for it!

It's an essential addition to your kitchen, makes it super easy to make authentic chapatis in just 30 seconds...

The electric chapati maker features two non-stick cooking plates which guarantee that your chapati or tortilla will not get stuck on the plates and eliminates the need of using oils!

With the chapati maker being 39% off its original price it is a deal you will not want to miss out on... Such a perfect birthday present, christmas present or just as an addition to your kitchen.

5-Tier Electric Food Dehydrator - £41.99

There is so much that can be done with a food dehydrator that we will not even attempt to discuss all of it in this article as we have already made a blog post specifically for that which you can read here -

The digital electric food dehydrator features five stackable trays, easy and efficient usage, temperature settings and so much more making this the best food dehydrator on the market. Did we not mention the price?

The Geepas food dehydrator will set you back £41.99 currently 35% on sale, making it the best food dehydrator bargain!

You will not struggle to find usage for your food dehydrator as there are so many different things possible with it, you can create healthy snacks by drying fruits, vegetables and many other foods.

Silver Glass Jug Blender - £37.99

One of the best blenders on the market, at £37.99 there is no better glass jug blender anywhere on the internet. With 700w power output and three speed functionality it is the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone and everyone.

Extremely useful for people that do not enjoying eating fruit and vegetables or just don't eat enough of them throughout their day - This blender makes it super easy to make a fruit or vegetable smoothie in a few minutes.

There is such a wide usage for a blender, not only making smoothies but blending different spices or making different sauces. It is truly a must have appliance in all kitchens!

We didn't mention everything just yet - with it being super efficient providing 700w of blending power, perfect for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, juicing and food processing.

Electric Mini Oven & Grill (25L) - £71.99

Well where do we start with this one... every single household needs an extra oven, plus this one is electric there is no gas needed to fire this oven. Making it super versatile and compact for all kinds of occasions. You can store it in a cupboard or other places and take it out whenever you need some extra cooking power in your kitchen.

So many customers are satisfied with this product and its performance they keep coming back for more. The electric mini oven is an amazing high quality product, made out of high quality metals meaning it is designed to function for a long period of time!

We have special deals, on all of the different sizes and functionalities of the mini ovens for the festive period so grab one before it is too late!

There are so many more deals on our website that we will not be going through in this article.

Shop for more here -

Please have a look on our website for all of the different available deals!

Enjoy your shopping and hope you like your new Geepas appliances.

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