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Crepe and Pancake Maker | 1200W | Non-Stick

Nuts, fruit, honey or syrup… Whatever your choice of topping, the nation’s favourite breakfast always tastes better homemade.

Luckily, with this crepe and pancake maker, you can enjoy a delicious stack whenever you fancy. It’s been carefully designed to ensure you get the best possible results each and every time.

If that’s got your mouth watering, let’s take a closer look. Here’s everything you need to know about this product and what it does.

Product Features:

Non-Stick Hot Plate

Perfectly formed pancakes have never been simpler to do! The non-stick surface not only makes it easy to clean but ensures your breakfast is as tasty as possible.


Despite it being called an electric pancake maker, you’re not limited when it comes to this product. You can make a variety of different meals, including omelettes, blinis, sandwiches, tortillas and chapatis.

Also, if you don’t fancy one large pancake, why not make three little ones? The 12-inch diameter allows you to prepare your meal your own way. There’s ample space for a variety of different products and ingredients!

Accessories Included

Whatever you need to help you make the perfect pancake, we’ve included it. Not only does your crepe maker come with a batter spreader, and it also has a spatula!

    Pancake and Crepes Recipe Book

    Cooking pancakes has never been so easy! This electric crepe maker can help you create a delicious, mouthwatering meal each and every time.

    Popular toppings include fruit and nuts - not only satisfying, but a healthy option too. Drizzle with honey on top to make for a perfect finishing touch.

    Another option is banana dipped in honey. You can either cut these and sprinkle them on top of the pancake, or leave the banana whole and wrap around it. Whichever option you choose, the outcome is always delicious!

    If you fancy something a little more indulgent, why not go for chocolate and strawberries? Sweet treats are all part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

    Haven’t got a sweet tooth? Traditional crepes include fillings such as cheese and ham - making for a truly delightful explosion of flavours.

    So, sweet or savoury - what’s your pick? 

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